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Friday, 25. April 2014

Why does the Bride's Family pay for almost everything on the wedding day?

By metazn, 03:09
Then you need to start thinking about how to have a low budget wedding.
As the mother of a recent groom, I paid for the flowers for the wedding and rehearsal dinner, a groom's cake for the rehearsal dinner, attire for my family members who were in the wedding party plus myself, a number of wedding gifts, provided a generous amount of cash for the honeymoon, plus paid for a car for them a month after the wedding and shelled out $2000 for my son to attend a conference a month prior to the wedding that has made him eligible for a higher paying job at work.

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I think I gave enough without taking on a portion of the wedding on top of everything.

At my son's wedding, the financial situation was similar to yours. The bride's sister made the dresses for the ladies in the wedding party, they purchased a number of favors at the dollar store and created their own CD to give to guests of the wedding music. They kept the guest list short, and used their home computer to generate some lovely invitations and announcements. They found a wedding chapel connected to a local historic restaurant for a reasonable cost, negotiated for hors d'ouvers instead of a dinner service, located a non-denominational minister with reasonable fees, and a local (small) bakery to supply the wedding cake. They passed on having a deejay and dancing, which saved a great deal. Hiring local photographers/videographers through the community college photography department was a good idea too.

Good luck!